New Born Photoshoots

We’re sure that nothing will have made your Christmas more special than the imminent arrival of a new baby.  So why not celebrate the start of a new year (thank goodness we’ve said goodbye to 2020!) by arranging a New Born photoshoot session at Hallmark Photography?

Our Covid-secure studio has been based in Calne for 30 years, offering parents the opportunity to visit an experienced, professionally qualified, town centre based studio, for a relaxing and unique “new born experience”. 

So what is the “Experience” all about?  

Having a baby is a life changing experience like no other and, during most of the last year, so many parents have not been able to attend maternity appointments and scans together due to the Covid pandemic, so we particularly want your new born session to be a cherished time for you as a new family to enjoy.  New born photo shoots are normally booked when your baby is between 5 and 14 days old, (though it may still be possible to still get some beautiful “newborn” style images beyond this time, depending on your baby’s development).  This is because, after around 2 weeks, new born babies tend to lose the ability to stay in those soft, lovely, curled positions that they form while still in the womb, as they get used to being out in the world. They also tend not to be as sleepy as the weeks go by!  Please contact us if you have a slightly older baby and would like to find out more about our sessions.

Our studio works hard to protect everyone who visits us, with a strict “safe Practice In The Studio” protocol in place to keep everyone, including our team, safe during their time with us.  This has involved implementing a “deep clean” of all areas within our studio, in addition to our “normal” cleaning regime, between each and every appointment that takes place.  This has meant that we have had to reduce the amount of sessions we now book each day but it does give us peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to try and get back to “normality” as soon as possible, by playing our part in following Government guidelines. To further ensure that we “do our bit” we have voluntarily signed up to the Master Photographer’s Association Covid-19 protocol in addition to our own workplace regulations.

Anyway, back to our new born experience and a bit about why you might consider choosing us to photograph your precious new bundle.

Our studio has been around a long time – since 1990 – and during that time we have photographed thousands of babies.  Every baby has a different character, even in those early days, so it’s important to treat them as the unique little people that they are.  That is why we take time pre-session to find out how life has been treating you as a new family.  Knowing how your baby is feeding, sleeping and how their general well being has been since birth is really helpful to us in making sure that you have  a relaxing time with us. Siblings are very welcome to join in our sessions and often love to tell us all about “their” new baby!

We have just been awarded the Master Photographer’s Association “New Born Safety Certificate” for the third year running.  The award means that we have followed exacting standards in every aspect of taking those precious photographs, from health and safety issues, risk assessments and studio maintenance and have been regulated by the association as being a safe environment for our tiniest clients and their families.

A client recently told us that she and her baby felt “like VIPs” during their visit to us and that’s how we try and make it for all our new born clients. 

Our studio is a safe, warm and cosy environment for your new born, with plenty of luxury props to use in creating beautiful images for you and lovely products to choose from, including our heritage print boxes and USB sets. Sessions generally last around 2-3 hours, after which you will view the images we create for you in a “cinema style” viewing. We don’t use “hard selling” tactics – we let the images speak for themselves – but we can work with you to help you find the best way of using those favourite images and offer guidance, as required.

Over the past few years, it has been our absolute privilege to work with Chippenham Birthing Centre, to help fundraise for the Unit and all the wonderful work they do for our community.  We hope to carry on doing so during 2021, with a donation being made for every new born session we book.  Just remember to quote “CBC” when contacting us and we’ll donate £20 for every booking received, direct to the Birthing Centre. This is just part of our “give back” pledge, made as part of our 30th anniversary celebrations.

Your new baby won’t stay small for long, so make sure you take the opportunity to record those early days before, in the blink of an eye, those endless days of feeding, nappy changes and sleepless nights are gone and your tiny baby is well on the way to becoming a lively toddler!!