Why You Should Print Your Photos

We always want special moments to last a lifetime and this is just what a printed photo can bring. To bring a photo to life, you can choose an array of materials to print your image on to suit your style and decor.


Since the arrival of cameras, photographers have pursued to capture images that preserve the beauty of a moment. This is the expression that print offers. Whether those treasured moments are portraits of you with your family or a picturesque shot of your holiday abroad, putting them out on display for you to see helps to keep those special memories alive.


If you are unsure as to why printing your images matter, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of photography prints.


The prints bring back fond memories. When sifting through old photographs of loved ones, do you feel nostalgic? This journey to the past is very special in its own way. It can help you relive and retell stories of your life and the numerous wonderful adventures you went on. Before the age of  digital photography, taking photographs was an exciting venture because you never knew if you captured the image just right. It is only after developing the photos that you could see just how the moment looked. Some of these images may have resulted in fingers getting in the way or duplicate images. The old ways meant people had to plan how many shots they would take (because a roll of film only had 24 or 36 shots) and what their background would be, making each image valuable and unique.


Prints have more enduring power than digital images. If you have a box full of old memories from years gone by with your parents or grandparents, they are probably stored away safely for you to take a look over whenever you wish. Could we say the same for digital photographs? If you have deleted the digital files from your camera roll or device, it is likely that those memories will be forgotten and possibly never recovered.


Although digital photography is fast and easy, there are a lot of ways in which they can get destroyed, some of which are out of the owner’s control. On the other hand, printed images are not disrupted with the advancement in image capturing technology. Losing a digital file of the photograph is always a horrible experience but making sure you have a printed copy is one way of preserving that memory.


Printed images are precious moments that are gift-wrapped by time. When you go to somebody else’s home, you will notice walls or a table filled with photographs. These photographs serve more than just decoration: they are daily reminders of the special moments that we have spent with the people that we love. When given as presents, you are presenting something intangible into something that can be seen. From formal portraits to candid exchanges between family members, carefully captured moments will act as a thoughtful gift when they are shared with the ones we truly care about.


If you are planning to give photographs as gifts, take into consideration that every home and every individual is different. You have to give a gift that not only looks good but also needs to fit with the personality of the one who will receive it. Consider the interior design of their home as well. If you are planning to give a photo to be displayed, this is an important component to remember.


There are many ways that you can personalise images and send them as a gift. Large sections of the house can be filled with carefully curated images. A room with a certain aesthetic can be complimented by beautifully-printed images. Printed photos can be placed in frames that can easily blend in any room and become conversation starters.


Aside from glossy paper, do not forget that you can also print images in a variety of materials. For instance, if you want to surprise your mother with a calendar, you can fill it with 12 of her favourite photos so she can flip through her favourite shots all year round. How about surprising your best friend with the wonderful moments you’ve shared together? You can collect a series of images and have them printed in a photo book. That will surely bring nostalgia back.


Digital photos are very easy to share online. Although they are easy to share, they lack the thoughtfulness and intimacy that is brought with printed photos. By taking the time to find the right images and choosing the right medium, you can turn a fleeting moment into a lasting impression that is heartfelt and cherished.


Photo Products


Our print shop service offers photo products and prints that you and your loved ones will surely enjoy! With Hallmark Photography, you can print your most treasured moments on just about any product imaginable, from shirts, mugs, photobooks and everything in between!


  • Calendars (poster calendars or wall calendars)
  • Posters and Collages (collages with mounting options)
  • Canvas and Fine Art (canvas and fine art wraps)
  • Creative Prints (photo strips)


Photo Prints


Have you taken photos from your camera or smart device? Have you seen an awesome photo of you or your loved ones on social media? Do you want to print your favourite shots and have it as a keepsake? With Hallmark Photography, printing your photos has been made easier and convenient. All you need to do is visit our online Print Shop to get started!


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